Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Started

So, first order of business: I tried to start this blog from Bert’s Pub, the bar in the basement of Glenwood Square, which says it has free Wifi. Technically, it does. However, if you’re actually sitting in the downstairs bar, it’s kind of sketchy on whether or not you can get a connection.

Now, I’m all for bars with free Wifi; it promotes my drinking and I feel like I’m actually being productive, but if the Wifi doesn’t work, well then, I just end up getting drunk and no work gets done. Is this a bad thing? Well, you tell me if any of this makes sense because I’m typing it now half-buzzed from my living room.

I will say though, Bert’s has the best Tuesday special of free chips and salsa and discount mugs of beer.

1 comment:

punker13srs said...

hmm.....mugs of beer! love them, but tend to be my downfall! winky face!