Sunday, December 21, 2008

Damn this snow!

It kept me from going to the Ranch Tavern’s annual holiday party last night. And after going to the Ranch’s campout in September (shown above), I know how awesome these potluck get-togethers are.

The campout was in a great little campground just past Whistlin’ Jack’s, and even though it rained the whole weekend, it was great fun: a bunch of Ranch regulars dressed all in camo, drinking Busch tallboys, listening to country music and telling the story about the time they saw Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in a mini mart in Gleed.

I also got a private lesson from a 9-year-old boy on how to catch crawdads and frogs; important stuff to know. Who knows what I would have learned last night.

p.s. I'm posting this from Jack-Sons on Tieton where they have super spicy bloody marys, lots of TVs for football watching, bottomless fries and free wifi.


The end of the night, well actually the second half of the night is pretty hazy, but what I do remember is how totally awesome the day was.

You all are now on the naughty list, good job!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here’s the tentative route

1. Buhrmaster Baking Co. in Track 29 on Yakima Avenue. Meet here at noon.
2. The Depot Restaurant, 32 N. Front St.
3. Walk through of North Town Coffeehouse, 28 North First St.
4. Gilbert Cellars/ The Greystone, 5 N. Front St.
5. Second Street Grill, 28 N. Second St.
6. The Lotus Room, enter in the back off South Second Street.
7. The Speakeasy, 102 S. Third St.
8. Reindeer games at the Millennium Arts Plaza.
9. The Yakima Sports Center, 214 E Yakima Ave.
10. Where ever Santa passes out.

Suit Up Santas

Are you all getting so excited for Yakima’s first Santacon!?!?!

I’ll be posting the route later today but I wanted first to go over one little detail: yes you have to dress up! This is Santacon people. Those who show up in regular clothes will be booed then doused with beer and given the ol’ coal in the stocking treatment, if you know what I mean.

So, where do you get a great Santa suit you ask?

Walgreens usually has super cheap ones that you can then bedazzle and decorate as you see fit. The party/costume store on Tieton has a great selection of hats and other Santa accoutrements, but the suits there are hella expensive. I know Target also has suits.

My suggestion is to get creative. Here are some photos for inspiration.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Get Your Ho On: Yakima Santacon Details

Calling all Yakima Santas,

The first ever Yakima Santacon is Saturday, Dec. 13. That’s when you’ll don your best Santa duds (and just a hat won’t cut it), grab a bunch of cash for boozes and tips and meet at noon at Buhrmaster Baking Co. at Track 29 on Yakima Avenue.

We’ll gather in the back bar area, have a drink and then begin the red siege of downtown Yakima. I’ll post the exact route closer to the BIG DAY.

Since Yakima is new to all this ho-ho-HOing around, check out for some background and a few etiquette tips — like don’t scare kids, don’t be a dick to the cops, drinking on the street is still illegal even if you’re Santa, and the answer to all questions is “Santa.”

Got it?

Good. Santa will see you on Dec. 13.

Santa Tonic

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Getting Started

So, first order of business: I tried to start this blog from Bert’s Pub, the bar in the basement of Glenwood Square, which says it has free Wifi. Technically, it does. However, if you’re actually sitting in the downstairs bar, it’s kind of sketchy on whether or not you can get a connection.

Now, I’m all for bars with free Wifi; it promotes my drinking and I feel like I’m actually being productive, but if the Wifi doesn’t work, well then, I just end up getting drunk and no work gets done. Is this a bad thing? Well, you tell me if any of this makes sense because I’m typing it now half-buzzed from my living room.

I will say though, Bert’s has the best Tuesday special of free chips and salsa and discount mugs of beer.


Hey Yakima Bar Flies,

Mark your calendars for the VERY FIRST YAKIMA SANTACON on Dec. 13.

Details coming soon.


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