Sunday, December 21, 2008

Damn this snow!

It kept me from going to the Ranch Tavern’s annual holiday party last night. And after going to the Ranch’s campout in September (shown above), I know how awesome these potluck get-togethers are.

The campout was in a great little campground just past Whistlin’ Jack’s, and even though it rained the whole weekend, it was great fun: a bunch of Ranch regulars dressed all in camo, drinking Busch tallboys, listening to country music and telling the story about the time they saw Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson in a mini mart in Gleed.

I also got a private lesson from a 9-year-old boy on how to catch crawdads and frogs; important stuff to know. Who knows what I would have learned last night.

p.s. I'm posting this from Jack-Sons on Tieton where they have super spicy bloody marys, lots of TVs for football watching, bottomless fries and free wifi.

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punker13srs said...

hot buttered rum with malibu is my new favorite!