Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yakima Santacon 2010 Beeatches!

What's that ... will there be a 2010 Yakima Santacon, you ask?

Geesh people, don't you know I don't live in Yakima anymore.

I kid, I kid.

Of course there will be a 2010 Yakima Santacon ... probably. The tentative date is Saturday, Dec. 18. Also, this year it won't be so much a daylong bar crawl as a late afternoon bar sit and stay. That cool with everyone?

If not, let me know what you want for this year's Santacon, because, as I said, I don't live there anymore.

See all you silly Santas shortly.

Santa Tonic


punker13srs said...

That sounds like a brilliant idea! Or instead of several bars, maybe just the barmuda triangle- SC, Speakeasy, Brews & Cues.

Virginia Tonic said...

Brews and Cues is definitely my favorite Yakima Santacon stop. Perhaps we could do a bit of prefunking at the "triangle" and then head to the sit and stay, which is, no surprise, scheduled to be at The Ranch. I'm still figuring out what time, exactly, I'll be getting to town.

punker13srs said...

Sounds good. Todd believes that some bar hopping needs to be made, since he says that's the best part! But the idea you've come up w/sounds like a keeper!

Virginia Tonic said...

We should do lunch at the triangle and put some food in our bellies then head to the Ranch.

I like this idea because:
1. I never remember to eat until it's too late.
2. I miss the Sports Center's food!

Stephanie said...

From (the tragically lacking a facebook account hipster) Todd: "All I've heard about Santacon this year is from Sarch that it would probably wouldn't start until 5! That's way too late! 2 is alright, but it would be better to start at noon like we used to. We can't start at the Speakeasy! The Speakeasy's not supposed to be first. It's too close to the Sportscenter where we always go last."