Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Route

Hey Santas,

We're in the process of putting together this year's Yakima Santacon route and it kind of looks a lot like last year's.

Sooo, where would YOU like us to go this year? Keep in mind we'd like everything to be within walking distance in the downtown core ... (McGuire's is unofficially the next-day hangover breakfast stop, so don't worry, we still give that joint some love).

Post your requests below and we'll post the full route closer to Dec. 19.

Santa Tonic


Gina Popovic said...

Sports Center because it's home. Tony's just to scandalize the owners. And the Lotus Room because it's the most likely background for "Bad Santa" reenactments.

Virginia Tonic said...

Ahhh, Tony's. Santa does love the blood orange martini there.

Reeshasi said...

Tony's seems to close up shop early on Saturdays now, and they stopped the late night happy hour. might have to hit them up early on the night list?